Iotex Monster Go

Go fight, monster commanders

Monster go is a game that combines real data to capture and cultivate monster fighting (players with iotex pebble can capture rare element monsters).

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You can capture monsters in the real map and fight with other players. Real world data will affect the attributes of monsters, and you will fall in love with monsters

Monster Battle

At most three monsters and at least one monster participate in a battle. You will get some tokens when you win.

Capture Monsters

When fighting wild monsters, you can catch them. When monsters become weak, you have a higher probability of catching them.


The core of the game is monsters. Only by obtaining more and more powerful monsters can we survive in the monster world.

Skills & attributes

Various attributes and skills correspond to different functions, which need to be freely allocated by players

Monster Evolution

Participating in combat, skill training, etc. can make your monster evolve.


The team will work in strict accordance with the timeline.

2021 Q4

2022 Q1

2022 Q2

2022 Q3-Q4


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